Ben ist da Guitar stroker of der groupen.


1. Which Teutonic is this??

Name: - Ben 2.


Who is the greatest Teutonic musician?

Jason, he never gets anything wrong. I think it's the good notes.


3. Favorite bands (other than the teutonics)??

Manfred Seigler, Pops and the Jerks, Puffy Amy Yumi, Yol Aularong, Drexcyia


4. Where would you take a girl on a first date?



5. Do you mind seeing girls wear slacks?

Girls can wear whatever they want, just fine by me.


6. Favorite Beer

Getting into the Henninger from TJ's.


7. Favorite Food?



8. Do you have any future ambitions?

I am old enough they are just present ambitions.


9. Do you ever get nervous in front of a crowd?

I don't know, would be interesting to see.


10. Do you have any favorite actors and singers?

Phil Silverman is the best actor and singer.


11. What do you really dig about show biz?

If nobody likes you, nobody calls you :)


12. What do you hope to do with all the money you are making?

I hope to not have to spend it, and to let other people buy me things! Are you one of those people?


13. What are your favorite types of fashions?



14. What type of looks and personality do you dig in a girl?

I go for all types of girls, if you believe I have not dated someone like you, please let me know.


15. Did you ever date any of your fans?

Well, she's not really a fan.


16. Do you go steady?

es, except when I have the hangover, then, it is worst. i pee, then it stops, then it starts again, so bad


17. What do you like to do when your are alone?

i try to practice guitar, but then get sad when I think about how bad my guitar is on latest recording, and drink


18. Do your fans ever bother you?

why do they like the songs where there are not solos?


19. What is your secret wish?

good try

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mege9rkeztett a csomag!fanatasztikusan mutat!amint lesz időm, ge9pem fel ke9peket...sok puszinagyon de nagyon e9rte9kelem a "me1s" technike1val ke9szf6lt dolgokat, hiszen e9n csak himzek, szf3val, oda meg vissza vagyok az f6rf6mtől hogy horgolt ffcggf6ny-elkf6tőm lett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Reply #19 on : Tue July 23, 2013, 18:07:02
Hi im gonna be having a maobriros theme party in 3 weeks. was wondering were you got the star shaped lolipops i seen them at joanns but they only had the star candy mold. do you know any where else i can find them?
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Reply #18 on : Tue July 23, 2013, 07:49:23
Pat, thank you!Leki, Me1rti, koszonom. Nagyon
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